You can find my most recent publications at

M. A. Perez-Xochicale and G. Jovanovic-Dolecek, A New Method for Design Narrow Band Lowpass FIR Filters Using a Scale Function, ICED 2006, Veracruz November 2006. Article and Oral Presentation.

Jovanovic-Dolecek Gordana and Perez-Xochicale Miguel Angel, One Efficient Design of Frequency Masking Filters, ITCH ELECTRO 2006, Chihuahua October 2006. Article.

G. Jovanovic-Dolecek and M. A. Perez-Xochicale, One Method for Design of Wideband FIR Filters Without Multipliers, 16th International Conference on Electronics, Communications, and Computers (CONIELECOMP 2006), Puebla February 2006. (Proc. Published by IEEE Computer Society, N0.0-7695-2505-9/06.2006 IEEE). Article and Oral Presentation.

M. A. Perez-Xochicale, G. Jovanovic-Dolecek, Diseño de filtros FIR con el Método Máscara en las Técnicas de Redondeo y Sharpening, Memorias del Sexto Encuentro de Investigacion INAOE 2005, pp. 127 - 130. Article and Poster. (In Spanish)

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